Registration Committee

The Registration Committee reviews all membership applications and makes recommendations to the Registrar regarding acceptance and categorization of an applicant. Such recommendations are based on the rules governing registration, as well as a review of an applicant’s educational achievements, professional designations, and character/reputation in the profession. The Registration Committee also communicates with applicants regarding application deficiencies, and advises on circumstances that result in membership being denied.

Practice Review Committee

The Practice Review Committee (PRC) is responsible to report and advise the Governing Body in respect to the following matters:

  • assessing the educational and experiential requirements for membership;
  • evaluating competency standards;
  • determining continuing educational requirements;
  • advising on the general practice of the occupational health and safety profession; and
  • any other matter that the Governing Body believes should be reviewed by the PRC.

These reviews and assessments are ongoing in nature. The PRC is expected to keep up on developing trends and changes in professional practice. The PRC monitors standards of competence in the profession on a provincial, national, and international level, with the goal of ensuring that our members achieve a standard of competence and professionalism that will enhance the protection of the health and safety of Albertans.

Disciplinary Committee

It is the responsibility of the Disciplinary Committee to develop a Code of Conduct for members practicing in the OHS profession, as well as Disciplinary Policies and Procedures to address alleged violations of the Code of Conduct. Once the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process is established, the Disciplinary Committee will review all complaints of Code of Conduct violations made against members. It will also have the authority to investigate (on its own volition, without a complaint) practice and ethical concerns related to members.

If a complaint or concern is determined to have merit (in whole or in part), the Disciplinary Committee may take any action authorized under the Disciplinary Policies and Procedures to ensure that the profession is not brought into disrepute, and to protect the integrity of the primary objective of protecting the public interest of Albertans.

Engagement Committee

It is the responsibility of the Engagement Committee to actively share information regarding the ASHSP with the public, those working in the occupational health and safety field, shareholders etc.